If after you buy this e-book and apply all you have learnt and you still don’t start feeling healthy or start getting well, I will refund you 100% of what you paid and leave access to the e-book with you for wasting your time.


Are you suffering from High blood pressure, constipation or acne?

Do you want to get rid of back pain, diabetes, thyroid or PCOD?

Is Excess weight, obesity, low energy, ulcer, arthritis or any disease getting the worse of you?

If you answered yes to that, you will love the information I’m about to share with you

 Hi, I’m Onuigbo and the co-founder of Durrick Health Network. Over 2,000 people have bought this information that I’m about to share with you and they are living a healthy life free from diseases. This is my own way of giving back to the society. It is a movement I call “Heal The Society Movement”. I want to help 100,000 people live a healthy life even at an old age.

Here’s what people are saying about this e-book and why you should listen to me

What if I tell you that changing your food can cure your disease can cure your disease which means that if you change your diet, follow it religiously and get your blood tests done after 3 months, you will not have that disease anymore.

Now, you probably wouldn’t believe me huh? But what’s the relation between my diet and disease, food doesn’t cure disease medicines do, you might be thinking…

What if I tell you that thousands of people around the world are giving up medicines and curing health problems by changing the diet and lifestyle. In this e-book, I’ll share one simple diet plan that was first suggested to me by my Guru, I followed it religiously and I cured thyroid, PCOD, ulcer, and hair fall without drugs.

I’ve suggested the same diet to thousands of people and they’ve all been able to cure their diseases.

Now, Once you buy this e-book, you will learn;

  • Why drugs are not healthy
  • Why doctors won’t cure you fully and if they do they would be out of business
  • Kinds of foods you should eat
  • How the kinds of foods you eat affect your health
  • 4 qualities that must be present in your food
  • The diet plan can that cure every disease
  • How much water you need to drink
  • Different kinds of food that are chemically inclined
  • The natural remedy mother earth has produced for body
  • How long you should follow this diet plan and many more………


I will give you a detox plan on how to get away undigested food from your body worth N1,000 for free!!!

If after you buy this e-book and apply all you have learnt and you still don’t start feeling healthy or  getting well, I will refund you 100% of what you paid and leave access to the e-book with you for wasting your time.

This offer I’m about to make is for the first 20 persons that will take action

If you check the information you would benefit from this e-book, you will agree with me that it should be priced up to N20,000 or even more as it will improve your health and of those around you. But Good news, I won’t charge you N20,000, not even N10,000

I would have loved to charge you N3,000 which is the price I charged others

But for reading to this end, the first 20 persons to pay N1,000 would have access to it and after the first 20 persons, the price would go back to N3,000

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Information’s like this are what your doctors would hide from you because they need your money and if you are 100% cured, you won’t patronize them again

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