Understand Everything About Crypto & How You Can Make Money From It In This Video Course

This is the VIDEO GUIDE that will help you understand crypto, how/when to buy, sell & make money from cryptocurrencies.

So I have been a Bitcoin vendor, i.e changing of crypto to Naira or naira to crypto and making profit as far back as 2018

But I was skeptical that there was more to it than just buying and selling or just being a vendor.

There is this guy years back that buy all the Bitcoin I sell to him

Even if I was to wake him up by 1 am, he will send me naira

So I was kinda jealous

I was thinking , what does this guy uses all this Bitcoin for ?

So I had to make my findings

A friend said probably he was reselling to China vendors that they buy at high price and I  asked him if this was true,  then how can a China vendor pay the guy in naira?

He couldn’t talk

I was kinda disturbed

So I had to go into research

Then, I thought Bitcoin was the only coin in existence

Till after my research

I also found out that crypto can be held for long term, traded, staked and many more

And that there are over 20,000 crypto currencies in existence and more being created

I Paid a mentor of mine, he taught me the fundamentals and all and today I’m a profitable trader, holder and merchant

Not just a trader and holder but all parts to make money in crypto opportunism which I will be treating in this video course.

So Bitcoin is the first coin built on a blockchain but not the only crypto currency existing.

So this leads us to what is crypto currency

Crypto currency is a digital currency that cannot be seen physically or touched but can be used to transact or used for transaction

It can be only visible on your device, can be sent, can be used to pay for item or receive payment but can’t be printed out

Crypto currency was invented because there is no end to printing of fiat currency and because of this a man named “satoshi nakamoto ” which means anonymous invented Bitcoin

His aim was to stop the inflation of money and give the power and control of money into the hand of the people

The Ultimate Crypto Guide is a very affordable and easy to understand VIDEO COURSE that will guide you and show you all you need to know about crypto from home. You will learn step-by-step how to change your Naira to naira, buy and invest in any crypto by yourself without giving anyone money to invest for you, even if you have never done it before. 

Everything is taught in a video that you can watch, so that it will be easy to understand and practice.

The steps are very easy to follow and implement. 

Everyone who attends my Cryptocurrency class always have great things to say because the value they get is worth more than the amount they pay.

You can see the proof below.

Using the high-value information and all the hidden secrets I revealed in this Crypto course, you’ll be taking the right steps from day 1.


And you won’t only be a profitable Crypto Investor/Trader quickly and effectively, you will also be creating an online business that will benefit you for a long time

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Onuigbo ThankGod Ekene 

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In This Video Course, You'll Learn;

  • The blockchain Technology
  • What Crypto is and How it was invented
  • Different ways to make money from crypto
  • Various exchanges and how to use them
  • When to invest in any crypto currency 


  • How to buy and sell and crypto of your choice
  • How to change your naira to dollars
  • How to use Stop loss
  • How to use OCO


  • How to place sell target
  • How to buy lower than the market price
  • How to become a bitcoin vendor
  • How to save your money in dollars without the help of a bank and lots more….

If I decide to sell all of these separately, each of them are worth over N30,000

People pay over N150,000 to learn how to be a bitcoin vendor or learn how to invest in crypto.

People pay over N50,000 to learn how to Know when to buy and sell crypto so as to make profit.

Even how to place stop loss, oco, where to trade is worth Over N100,000

But I’m not charging you that

I am giving away all of these to you today for just N5000 only

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Pay only N5,000 into…



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Then send your proof of payment to my WhatsApp number – 09077144184 

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Hi, my name is Onuigbo Ken.

I have been in the Crypto business in Nigeria for over 3 years. I have taught the Crypto money business to over 3,000 people across Nigeria.

My students are currently enjoying crypto business and are happy earning a good living from trading, investing, staking and the rest of them in crypto as you can see from the screenshots I shared.

Now, I decided to create this video course to share my knowledge and experiences with you, and also guide you properly and show you the exact steps to take that will help you invest, trade or become a vendor in the crypto currency market.

The value you will get in this video course is worth millions of money.

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Onuigbo ThankGod Ekene 

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